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A good personal credit score is more than just a vanity number. Your credit score determines your lifestyle. When you are looking to finance any big-ticket item, such as a car or a house, your credit score determines what kind of down payment is required and what kind of interest rate you receive. It is pertinent that you get this score as high as possible and keep it that way. We have a unique program that utilizes the Metro2 disputing method to challenge negative items while we add positive items to build your score as efficiently as possible.


Our Credit Repair Process:

  1. Schedule Free Consultation

Schedule a phone consultation with our credit experts to identify your issues and see how we can assist you.

  1. Order Credit Report

When you schedule your consultation, a link will be sent to you, so that      you can order your current credit report using a $1 7-day trial.

  1. Send Us Your Credit Report

Email us your credit report, so that we can use it during our phone          consultation to identify problems and develop your plan.

  1. Phone Consultation

We use our initial phone consultation to find out your pain points and to show you exactly how our services can help you solve them.

  1. Plan Your Credit Repair Process

Every client is different, so every plan is different. We make sure    everything that must be done is properly addressed.

  1. Sign Up for Our Services

We get all required information and necessary documentation to      properly address your credit needs and start your credit repair or building process.

  1. Begin Dispute Process

We start working on repairing your credit 48-72 hours after all necessary documentation is submitted.